Australian Early Medieval Association

Welcome to the Australian Early Medieval Association

The Australian Early Medieval Association (AEMA) was formed in 2003 to encourage and support early medieval studies in Australia.


Membership of the AEMA is open to anyone with an interest in this field, ranging in time from the late Roman Empire to the Norman Conquest and beyond and encompassing regions from Byzantium and the Middle East to Iceland and Britain.


The AEMA holds regular conferences and publishes an annual peer refereed journal as well as distributes an email newsletter to members. Members are encouraged to share information and insights across disciplines within early medieval studies, to ensure progress and interest in this field.


The AEMA is a voluntary organisation with a revolving Committee whose members offer dedicated service ensuring the smooth running and development of the organisation. Every year the membership elects new members of Committee by secret ballot including our Honorary officers – the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Editor of our Journal.

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