Australian Early Medieval Association

2017 Conference | aema12–Receptions

The Best Paper Prize

The Rules of the Best Paper Prize for the 2017 AEMA Conference are as follows:

1. Those eligible to enter this competition are current, or recent (under examination or within 2 years of award) postgraduates:
a. whose paper has been accepted on the programme of the 2017 AEMA Conference; and
b. are a member of AEMA at the time of the conference; and
c. have submitted via email a complete text of the paper to be presented at the conference by 7 April 2017 (two weeks prior to the commencement of the 2017 AEMA Conference). The paper must be 2,000-4,000 words in length and the text should be as close as possible to the finished product. This paper will assist in shortlisting entries before the conference begins.

2. A committee of judges for the 2017 (Best Paper) will be constituted from the current AEMA committee. The judges reserve the right not to make an award if, in their opinion, no paper is deemed to be of sufficient merit.

3. The papers of short-listed applicants will be assessed based on:
a. The quality of the written paper: e.g. contribution to scholarship, structure and presentation, how well the subject of the paper is situated within relevant scholarship, and the extent to which the paper demonstrates the relevance of its subject;
b. The quality of the oral presentation: e.g. extent to which the presentation meets the 20 minute time limit, how well the paper is delivered, the extent to which the presentation engages the interest of the audience, and how successfully the presenter responds to subsequent questions and/or discussion.

4. The Winner and runner-up (Highly Commended) of the award will be announced at the conclusion of the AEMA conference. The Highly Commended prize winner will be awarded $50. The total first prize for the 2017 competition is AUD $350. This will be awarded in two parts:
a. the first $200, when the competition winner is announced; and
b. the second $150, should the winning paper be submitted for publication in the Journal of Australian Early Medieval Association (JAEMA) by 22 June 2017 (two months from the conclusion of the conference); and
c. in the event that the winning paper is not submitted to the editor of JAEMA by 22 June 2017, then the Highly Commended winner may be awarded the $150 should their paper be submitted to the editor by 22 August 2017.


The 2017 AEMA Conference - 21–22 April 2017

Australian National University, Canberra