Australian Early Medieval Association

aema14–Legitimacy - Illegitimacy

The Fourteenth International Conference of the Australian Early Medieval Association

3–5 October 2019 | Monash University, Clayton, Australia


Thursday, 3 October

Venue – L1.04 Matheson Library


L1.04: Conference  Registration



L1.04: Conference Opening & Keynote 1



Monash Club: Reception


Friday, 4 October

Venue – L1.02; L1.03; L1.04 Matheson Library


L1.04: Conference  Registration



L1.02: Session 1A - Legitimacy in the Isles I

L1.01: Session 1B - Literary Legitimaątions I

  • Anna Czarnowus: Laughter and Its Lack in Geoffrey of Monmouth’s Historia Regum Britanniae and in Layamon’s Brut
  • Cheryl Major: Legitimate idealisms of female agency in Chrétien de Troyes’ Arthurian Romances
  • Aimee Turner: The Legitimate/Illegitimate Empress - Petrarch and Livia


L1.04: Morning Tea



L1.02: Session 2A - Strategies of Legitimation

  • Michaela Selway: ‘Mythologising’ Medieval Origins - The Manipulation of the Christian Narrative in Orosius of Braga and Gregory of Tours
  • Jeremy Thompson: The Archbishop’s Number Book - The Use of Numbers in Exegetical, Episcopal and Synodal Legitimacy
  • Diana Jeske: ‘You who consecrated me in legitimate matrimony’ - The role of legitimacy in the political partnership of Matilda of Scotland and Anselm of Canterbury

L1.01: Session 2B - Legitimacy in Transition

  • Chris Bishop: Decolonising the Dark Ages
  • Julian Calcagno: Authority and legitimacy in Germanic honour systems after the fall of the Roman Empire
  • Amy Wood: Narratives and Forms of Legitimation in the Early Medieval Kingdoms of the Balkans - Commonality and Contrast in Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria.


L1.04: Lunch



L1.02: Session 3A - Legitimising Authority

  • Caroline Foster: Who may be rex francorum? Examining royal legitimacy in Merovingian Francia
  • Ash Lenton: Castles in the swamps - legitimising authority in the Duchy of Saxony
  • Leonela Fundic: Art in Service of Imperial Propaganda: Claims of Legitimacy in Byzantine Art

L1.01: Session 3B - Theological Legitimacies

  • John D’Alton: Eusebius, heroic women martyrs, and the legitimation of a politically disturbing asceticism.
  • Darius von Güttner-Sporzyński: Augustine on war - theological justification of Christian participation in holy war
  • Julianna Grigg: ‘transitum de hoc mundo’ - Ceolfrid's Paschal theology and the spiritual passing over of Origen and Anatolius


L1.04: Afternoon Tea

L1.02: Bischoff Collection Setup


Medievalism Exhibition (curated by Andrew Lynch)

L1.02 Bischoff Collection


L1.04: Keynote 2

  • Lisa Kaaren Bailey, University of Auckland: Legitimate violence and the bodies of the servi dei



Monash Club: Conference Dinner


Saturday, 5 October

Venue – L1.02; L1.03; L1.04 Matheson Library


L1.04: Morning Tea



L1.02: Session 4A - Legitimacy in the Isles II

  • Pamela O’Neill: Tracing the church’s appropriation of legitimacy in early Irish law
  • John Kennedy: Scandinavian military intervention in Ireland - Legitimate adventuring or unchristian aggression?
  • Kristen Erskine: What is a legitimate source?  The case for folklore and local beliefs as sources for the nemeton sites of Pictland


L1.01: Session 4B - Literary Legitimations II

  • Jennifer Hekmeijer: The Enigmata Eusebii: Heavenly Bodies, Beasts and the Bissextile Day
  • Cassandra Schilling: Lessons in leadership - Beowulf’s digressions as imparting lessons for prospective rulers in Anglo-Saxon Society
  • Bob di Napoli: Telling Tales - an Archaeology of Old English Poetry


L1.04: Lunch

L1.02: AEMA Annual General Meeting


L1.02: Session 5A - Addressing Injustice in the Medieval Body Politic

  • Constant Mews: Reading about the abuses of the age: from seventh-century Ireland to twelfth-century France
  • Stephen Joyce: Understanding the 12 in The Twelve Abuses of the World

L1.03: Session 5B – Hagiographic Legitimacies

  • Andrew Lynch: ‘…the higher perfection of these others’: exile, emotion and legitimation in the Old English Life of St Mary of Egypt
  • TBC


L1.04: Afternoon Tea



L1.04: Keynote 3

  • Clare Monagle, Macquarie University: Notre Dame is Burning - The Legitimate Middle Ages and the Fantasy of Civilisation



L1.04: Round Table Discussion/Closing Remarks



2019 Conference Program (PDF)

2019 Conference Abstracts (PDF)


The 2019 AEMA Conference - 3–5 October 2019

Monash University, Clayton, Australia