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Submission Guidelines

The Journal of the Australian Early Medieval Association (JAEMA) publishes articles on all aspects of early medieval studies. Especially, it seeks material that crosses traditional disciplinary boundaries and takes new approaches: all disciplines, methodologies, and approaches are welcome.


Authors should consider the multidisciplinary audience of the JAEMA and should address their material to appeal to a large audience of medievalists by providing sufficient context for readers who are not already experts in the subject matter of their articles.

Translations and editions of medieval texts will be considered for publication when they are an essential part of a larger study and may be included as an appendix.

Articles should present original scholarship of the highest quality. Preliminary notes on research still in progress are not acceptable, since theJAEMA articles should be mature pieces of work, likely to be of long-term value. Work that will soon be published in essentially the same form as part of a book or that is already available on the Internet should not be submitted. Articles are considered for publication on the assumption that they are not being considered for publication by another journal.


Manuscripts should be written in a clear, concise and direct style. Where contributions are judged as acceptable for publication on the basis of content, the Editor reserves the right to modify the text to eliminate ambiguity and repetition to the benefit of reader. If extensive alterations are required, the manuscript will be returned to the author for revision.

The current average decision time for article submissions is three months.

Articles should be within 5,000 and 8,000 words in length, with footnotes kept to a reasonable proportion. Notes of 3,000 words may be considered.

Books for review

Books for review and correspondence about reviews should be sent to the Review Editor at

Peer review process

The Editor undertakes initial determination of the appropriateness of a submission for publication in the JAEMA. Final acceptance or rejection rests with the editorial board, which reserves the right to refuse any material for publication. The journal follows a policy of double-blind peer review. The author's identity is not known to the reader evaluating the submission, and the author does not know the identity of the readers. The article should include only its title, not the name of its author. An author should avoid self-identification in the argument or referencing of the article. The author's name should not appear as an element in running heads of the typescript.

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